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A super-concentrated, high foaming formulation designed for use with rotary shampoo equipment. Frothee contains detergents, surfactants, polar solvents and optical brighteners which quickly unlock stubborn dirt and soil from carpeting and upholstery. 

Size: 32 oz bottle / a gallon


  1. Pre-test carpet for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area at recommended use dilution. Use clean cloth or sponge for application and if the test area indicates bleeding, color removal, carpet shrinkage or deterioration of adhesive, do not use it. 
  2. Remove furniture and dry vacuum thoroughly. 
  3. Pre-treat spots and traffic lanes. 
  4. Using a rotary machine, shampoo across carpet in overlapping passes. 
  5. Avoid over-wetting carpet and if available use vacuum to pick up excess liquid. 
  6. Brush carpet in one direction with deck or pile brush. 
  7. Do not walk on the carpet until completely dry. Vacuum thoroughly when dry. 
  8. For upholstery use, follow colorfast pre-testing prior to use. Apply with a sponge, vacuum any residual foam, and allow to dry. A final brushing & vacuuming is recommended. 


  • pH: 8 
  • Color: Clear 
  • Solubility in Water: Complete 
  • Odor: Lemon 
  • Flash Point: None 
  • Viscosity: Water Thin 


It is recommended that protective gloves and safety glasses be worn when using this and all cleaning products.